Ryedale A.S.

Ryedale Aquarist Society
Ryedale Aquarist Society was founded in 1985 to provide monthly meetings for fishkeepers based in the Ryedale area of North Yorkshire. Meetings are held at both Pickering Memorial Hall and in the homes of the members.
Any fishkeepers living in this area are more than welcome to attend our meetings. If you are interested and wish to find out more, TEL. 01751 472715
David Marshall who is an "A" class judge, is the Secretary of the group and is also the producer of "The Aquarium Gazette".

Ryedale A. S. Meetings 2019

Next meeting...
Date.Wednesday, April 10th
Venue. Mill Suite, Pickering Memorial Hall.
Meeting starts 7.30 pm.
Topic; - Ian and Norma Mitchell will be presenting a talk entitled
"What fish mean to the people of Vietnam". Also, telling of visits to Pangassius catfish breeding establishments, as well as a very different encounter with a Giant Gourami !!

Ryedale A. S. Shows and Auctions

Ryedale A.S. normally hold two auctions per year, both at this same venue

The Venue (Kirbymisperton Village Hall)

Ryedale Show benches

Ryedale Auction room

Ryedale Open Show and Auction, 2019.